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Signs of Hearing Loss

Have the birds stopped chirping? Or could you hearing have changed?

Is it possible that you or someone you know might have hearing loss? It is not uncommon for a person to doubt or deny that they might have hearing difficulties, especially with current circumstances (wearing a mask which takes away from sounds as well as one's ability to lip read), you might think your hearing is fine and that everyone experiences the same challenges... In today's post we will look at signs of hearing loss, if you identify with one or more of these signs it is recommended you visit an Audiologist for a comprehensive hearing assessment.

Signs of Hearing Loss:

  1. Difficulties hearing in noisy environments (such as restaurants or group gatherings).

  2. Difficulties hearing over the phone.

  3. Hearing someone speak, but not being able to understand what they are saying (speech is not clear enough).

  4. Difficulties identifying where sounds are coming from.

  5. Family or friends asking you to turn the television or radio down.

  6. Often asking people to repeat themselves.

  7. Avoiding social situations because you have difficulties hearing.

  8. Feeling exhausted after attending social situations.

  9. Experiencing tinnitus (buzzing) in the ears

  10. Sensitivity to very loud sounds.

If you are experiencing some of these symptoms you are definitely not alone. Please contact us on or 060 737 3787 / 016 342 9222 to book an appointment.

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