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Communication Tips for individuals with hearing loss while wearing a face mask.

Due to regulations to wear a face mask to prevent the spread of the Covid 19 virus, many individuals with hearing loss are experiencing more difficulties with communication. A mask covers most of the face, leaving just the eyes and eyebrows to be seen, this makes lip reading extremely difficult, even for individuals with normal hearing. A mask also distorts certain sounds which adds to these challenges.

In today's blog post we will provide some tips to easy these difficulties.

Tip 1: Make use of Communication Strategies

* Don't be afraid to ask for repetition.

* Ask communication partners to make use of shorter sentences.

* Ask communication partners to avoid shouting and to speak slower.

* Attempt to face your communication partner during conversations.

Tip 2: Attempt to reduce background noise in the communication environment:

* Turn off other noise sources such as the television or radio.

* Attempt moving to a corner or room away from excessive noise sources.

Tip 3: Use writing as a means to communicate:

*Make use of a whiteboard or cellphone application to write down certain phrases in challenging listening environments.

Tip 4: Try using a different face mask:

* There are different (clear) masks designed to ease communication for people with a hearing impairment.

Tip 5: Visit your audiologist to ensure that hearing aids are adjusted optimally and to discuss alternative adjustments or devices:

If you are a hearing aid wearer it is highly recommended that you visit your audiologist for possible adjustments on your hearing aids, as well as to ensure they are functioning optimally. There are also alternatives such as assistive listening devices or hearing applications and programs that can be explored.

For more information you are welcome to contact us on / 060 737 3787 .

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